Field of Yoga Project


DAWN/MORNING at New Dawn Hot Yoga:

-   Mon Yoga Challenge at 7:30 am

-   Thu Yoga Challenge at 5:30 am

LUNCH at Ananda Studio:

-   Tue Yoga Essentials at 12:00 pm

EVENING at Ananda Studio:

-   Sun Yoga Essentials at 6:30 pm

-   Sun Meditation Sampler at 7:45 pm

-   Wed Yoga Essentials at 7:45 pm


Yoga Essentials with Mary
We take our time in this one. Slower, more conscious, more educational.
This class is a slow flow focusing on form that gives you the biggest bang for your buck. We won't rush from pose to pose, but will hold each pose and step through the key actions to ensure effective form, and major results. No bypassing any part of your body that's weak or tight. With proper form, everything gets attention. And when you start practicing this way, you will know you didn't miss anything - the next day. ;)

Yoga Challenge with Mary
This is really just how to keep growing in yoga. We look at things from all angles. We use our minds to challenge our bodies to find new ways to new places. We use our newly enabled bodies to empower our minds to take on challenges in life. We work hard, we find out how hard work pays off, and we learn how how to not overwork. It's the former Peak Flow Yoga, but more clearly laid out for you. Yes we flow. Yes we peak. If you like yoga and want a challenge - for your body and your mind - get in on this.

Meditation Course
People say meditation is good for us? Why? Well, let's find out some of that, but more importantly, let's experience it so we can learn for ourselves. And let's do it together - so we have some support with getting this new good thing into our lives. Tremendous online content. Really. Tremendous. guided meditations and more. We meet for 6 weeks and learn and practice multiple meditation techniques from various disciplines.