Field of Yoga Project

WORKSHOPS at ANANDA STUDIO, 316 W 3rd St, Waterloo

Start Aligning: Beginner Workshop
Sun Feb 25, 1:00 - 2:30 pm, $18

Ancient Yoga + Modern Biomechanics

Want to know what good form is and how to do it when you go to yoga? Without getting caught up in doing things that don't really matter?

Yoga comes with all these alignment rules, but not all of them make sense. What do you need to know to really benefit from yoga? Well, biomechanics has answers, and my formal academic study of it at UNI has supercharged my methods.

This workshop is a slow flow focusing on form that gives you the biggest bang for your buck. We won't rush from pose to pose, but will hold each pose and step through the key actions to ensure effective form, and major results. No bypassing any part of your body that's weak or tight. With proper form, everything gets attention. And when you start practicing this way, you will know you didn't miss anything -  the next day. 😉

Great for beginners or anyone who hasn't yet taken the time to work on form.

Explore More: Int/Adv Workshop

Sat Feb 24, 8:00 am - 9:30 am, $20

Ancient Yoga + Modern Psychology

This is where the mind meets the mat. It's not just about the effects yoga has on us physically, but also psychologically. What can we do to involve our minds more in our practice, make it more mindful, and experience lasting benefits in our experience of life, not just our bodies?

Yoga of any kind has immediate relaxation effects, but we can do things using traditional Eastern wisdom combined with modern Western psychology to make significant change that adds lasting ease to all aspects of our lives. What if it was easy for you to be you, all the time? I'm working toward a Masters degree in psychology now, and ready to help more than ever. Let's explore more, and make this possible.

Designed for those looking for a more advanced experience of yoga.