Field of Yoga Project

Ananda Studio
yoga projects that pop up where it makes sense.

Project Base: Ananda Studio
316 W 3rd St, Waterloo
A historic space with stained glass windows and hardwood floors.
Peak Flow, Focused Flow, and indoor workshops take place here.

Workshops: Organizations and Corporations
I offer presentations as well as interactive workshops - some purely educational, some educational and physical - for various demographics and needs. Most requested workshops:
-Resilience: Shift Your Central Nervous System's Stress Response
-Power: Hardcore Upper Body Conditioning
-Balance: Off-season Winter Strength Yoga
-Direction: Develop and Practice Your Individualized Intention

Join me in changing the yoga studio paradigm.

It's high quality instruction and content at a Midwest bargain price. ;)

It's great people gathering together to see, do, and live what matters. And supporting each other in the very meaningful directions we all intend on going.

It's learning, and knowing you're growing.

It's empowerment.