Field of Yoga Project

at ananda studio
316 W 3rd St, waterloo

1-on-1 yoga is one of the most effective approaches to making the changes you want in your life.

Check with your insurance company - private sessions often qualify for insurance flexible spending accounts.
Message from Mary: Yoga by nature isn't a one-size-fits-all approach. Yoga brings about the most significant change when it's customized for you by a professional capable of seeing the individual needs of your body. Why not do this yoga thing with someone who can give you the instruction most vital to your progress? This is what I do, peeps. I've held over 400 private sessions with students from age 5 to age 85. My Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering means I have a unique and really effective way of addressing body mechanics. And my "Masters degree" 500-hr certification in Yoga and Meditation means I can guide you in proven yogic practices for stress relief and meditation. Plus, I have this knack for helping people become more intentional - I can connect the changes you're looking for physically with meaningful goals in your life. Let's do this yoga thing - very, very well. :)

Mary specializes in therapeutics in the following areas, successfully addressing the tension, pain, and life challenges these conditions present:

  • poor posture / neck, shoulder, back pain
  • overactive stress response
  • competitive athletics
  • low energy
  • arthritis / joint conditions or injuries
  • scoliosis
  • kyphosis
  • autism
  • spiritual disconnection (non-religious)

1-on-1 session types
75-minute initial session
First-time and long-away clients require and deserve time for discussion of needs and approaches to meeting needs. This can often be the most motivating part of the private session, and we honor it with this longer 75-minute session for new clients. In addition to being guided through the most appropriate practice for you, you will receive your own documented practice, and information on the life-changing aspects of yoga that are not easily addressed in a group class format. $70
60-minute private session
For returning clients, this 60-minute session includes continued co-creating of your practice, documentation of your practice, and the more personal, engaging aspects of yoga that provide real help in life. $60

1-on-1 discount package now available
Includes 75-minute initial session, and 3 60-minute sessions, held every-other-week. If you have a therapeutic need, this is the best way to address it. $205 (save $45 off individual session pricing)

Currently changing over scheduling system - call 319-830-2080 and we'll come up with something for you!